MTH My True Hero®

The My True Hero®: Emergency Crisis Management 101 Seminar is a one-day experiential course for first responders and emergency response teams to equip themselves with practical tactics that will better manage real life crisis and emergency under extremely stressful situations. During this hands-on course, participants will undergo back-to-back activities that will give them the tools and skills to manage emergency crisis.

Benefits of attending this highly interactive 1-day program include how to:

  • Read a simple incident quickly and stop it from developing into a big-time crisis
  • Perform emergency procedures such as CPR in a realistic simulated exercise
  • Improve coordination and time gaps between crisis management and emergency response
  • Overcome panic during sudden encounter with massive crowds and how to optimize time and manpower quickly
  • Make a critical decision making under extreme pressure that may determine between life and death

By the end of the program, participants will learn and practice ways to create, train and exercise incident and crisis management in their organisations. Their newfound abilities will enable them to face up to the challenges of a crisis situation and be able to perform effectively under pressure.

Don’t let an emergency manage your company. Instead, be prepared with the tools to design a strategy and build a team that can successfully manage a crisis.

Medium : English

Course Fees : $53.50 (inclusive of GST)
Training grant and Absentee Payroll available for this course, please call 6297 8123

Duration : 9 hours – 1 day

Please call us at 62978123 to gather more information on the next available session.