crowd  Real Life Experience: First aid skills put to test a day after course.

One of our course participants recently had a real life first aid experience a day after she completed her course with us. To Ms. Nivashini, we are proud of you!

Here’s the letter that Ms. Nivashini wrote to us.

Hi Singapore First Aid Training Centre!

I am Nivashini Kaliaperumal, a research officer working at the Institute of Molecular & Cellular Biology (IMCB) in A*STAR. Under the coaching of both you & Mr Jason Sim, I was certified to be a First Aider yesterday.

Coincidentally, my first aid skills were put to test today. While returning to work with my colleagues after lunch, we noticed a small crowd gathered around a 4D shop. Surprisingly, they weren’t buying lottery tickets. Instead a pale looking aunty seated on the step of the shop had attracted a crowd around her. We immediately rushed to scene.

I introduced myself as a certified First Aider and reassured the casualty about her safety. Though feeling faint, she refused to lie down and keep her legs elevated. I realized that she was in a poor ventilated area as many were frequently walking pass her.  My colleagues & I shifted her to a well ventilated area. Some kind onlookers bought her mineral water & isotonic drink. She felt better after resting & consuming the isotonic drink.

A bleeding wound was noticed under her chin. She had acquired it due to the fall from fainting.  Thankfully a medical shop was nearby & necessary first aid items were purchased. While dressing the wound, I gathered necessary information (eg. name, health problems, medication, etc) about her. She is a hypertension patient who takes her medication regularly. A thorough head to toe examination was performed. No further sign of bruising & bleeding was observed. We encouraged her to see the doctor before she left for home.

Being trained with proper first aid knowledge & skills enabled me to help Aunty Sally today. Thank you for taking the time to teach us on these lifesaving skills.  It has given me confidence to reach out to those in need and provide proper care. Special thanks to the entire First Aid Team for making a difference in our lives.

Best Wishes,