Advanced Speed Learning System

The Advanced Speed Learning System (ASLS) is a brand new way of delivering first aid topics in an exciting and comprehendible manner. The objective of ASLS is simple: No one gets left behind.

The SLIMM Concept

The concept that the Advanced Speed Learning System uses is called SLIMM, an abbreviation for:


Successful Learning = Impactful, Meaningful, Memorable

In other words, when the training is impactful, meaningful and memorable, participants will experience high level of success in their learning.

The Training Approach

The Advanced Speed Learning System is multi-faceted approach which includes learning elements such as:

  • class activities
  • group learning
  • discovery learning
  • improvisation techniques
  • case scenarios
  • case studies
  • interactive lectures
  • practicals
  • videos / audios
  • and many other trademark teaching elements

First Aid will never be the same again, ever! Experience the revolutionary ASLS training system when you join us for your next first aid course.