We assure you that no one else puts the kind of effort we do to enhance your learning experience.

For the last 10 years, there has been one major thing that sets us apart from our counterparts in the industry – our training. Our training methods didn’t just came about overnight. We have taken, and continue to take, painstaking efforts to research, design, implement and execute our training. We look into every single detail to ensure that our training impacts our participant in every way possible.

At the very beginning, we discovered that most people struggle to even stay awake in first aid classes. First aid courses were unpopular and considered boring and the usual feedback was the participants don’t learn or remember much after the course.

In order to learn how to save lives, you must first stay awake in class.

That’s why when we started, we made it a point to never ever do one thing in our classes – boring lectures.


No boring lectures.

We took the first aid training industry by storm by revolutionizing the way people would learn first aid. Using dynamic training methodologies used in high-impact learning, we incorporated multifaceted learning into our programs with one objective in mind: Our participants will walk out of the class with the confidence and competence to apply first aid in a real life scenario.


No one gets left behind.

In 2010, we improved, structured and formalised the training methods we used in the past and made it our training methodology. We named this improved version the Advanced Speed Learning System.

When participants are exposed to this system, they experience:

  • enhanced learning
  • improved understanding
  • increased confidence levels
  • increased realism
  • enhanced impact
  • improved retention
  • increased applicability in a real situation